The true measure of your education is not what you know,
but how you share what you know with others
Kent Nerburn
Author of Simple Truths


The Time2Think Organisation completely endorses this philosophy and we invite people and individuals who share this vision to collaborate with us and help establish mutually beneficial working relationships which focus primarily on seeking to give unconditional value to whoever seeks our services.

The Trustees of the Time2Think Organisation are:

Norman Darmanin Demajo

Dr Sandra Dingli

Rob de Haas

Stuart Scott

Anne Solgaard

William Sturner

Kevork Artin

Tim Schweizer

Our mission is to increase the creative capabilities of individuals and organisations by making them aware of how creativity and lateral thinking can have a direct impact on their insight, productivity and problem solving abilities at all levels of the organisation.

We have made a commitment to share our knowledge and our personal experiences and as our journey continues, we will seek to
promote increasingly higher standards and new methodologies which
enhance creativity, and continue to leave a permanent mark on the
lives and businesses of the people with whom we come in contact.

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