Norman Darmanin-Demajo
"The true measure of your education is not what you know, but how
you share what you know with others."
Kent Nerburn - Simple Truths.
Norman Darmanin-Demajo

A member of Creative Trainers International and Founder Member and Trustee of the Time2Think Organisation, Norman lives on the Island of Gozo in the Mediterranean.

His programs include:

•  Thinking on Your Feet Application of Thinking tools for education, business and sports athletes ;

•  Thinking Out of The Box The application of Lateral Thinking techniques and concepts for business organisations ;

•  Lateral Marketing - The use and application of Lateral thinking to assist businesses to create their own markets and make the competition irrelevant ;

•  Lateral Thinking for Human Resources Techniques for assessing job candidates' imagination and problem solving abilities at interview level;

•  WALLS ( Wanting And Learning Life Skills ) – A program that shares the experiences of the speaker in teaching thinking and creativity in a Correctional Facility in Malta , during the past 10 years ;

•  Beyond the Tools Team building games and exercises designed to encourage creativity, problem solving, communication and Win/Win thinking;

During the past 10 years Norman has worked with various organisations and businesses, both locally and abroad, and given overview talks and workshops on the uses and applications of Lateral Thinking tools for creativity and problem solving.

Norman 's talks are characteristic of his nature, and include anecdotes, stories, humor, games and puzzles designed to encourage ‘out-of-the-box' thinking and develop creative thinking skills.

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