The Zen of Puzzles – Part 2

 One of the issues and obstacles that work against the development of the lateral thinking mind is the undisputed reality of preconceived notions, assumptions and biases – these all limit the scope of our creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.  Here is a simple example:  Which of the following numbers is most different from the others […]

The dinner plate manufacturer.

A manufacturer of dinner plates had a problem in the packing department.  The plates were packed in boxes with old newspapers. Every packer would eventually slow down to read the papers and look at the pictures. Most employees would drop to about 30 per cent efficiency. The managers tried several incentives to keep the workers […]

The Children’s hospital and the missing Teddy Bears

 The young patients at a children’s hospital loved to play with the cuddly teddy bears so much that the children would take them home.  This was causing an inconvenience to the hospital administration in that they would have to continually keep replacing the teddy bears, which was costly and also gave the impression that the […]

Lateral Thinking and humour – The Two Clergymen

 Lateral thinking is about changing perceptions, and humour is one of the few natural ways we experience changing perceptions.   In humour we switch, suddenly, from looking at things in one way to looking at them in another. A person telling a joke leads us along a path and then, suddenly, we see the crazy logic […]

Dalsey, Hillbloom and Lynn – the creation of a disruptor industry.

 Lateral thinking is so often the main reason that leads to the creation of disruptor industries. ‘Disruptor’ companies are companies that cause radical changes to an existing industry or market by means of innovation.  Merchant ships are expensive items. They cost a great deal to build, a great deal to run, and a great deal […]

Lateral Marketing – Werner Kieser

 Lateral thinking is about challenging the accepted status quo of most industries, and instead of wasting your energy fighting for the biggest piece of the pie, you bake a pie of your own !!  The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition !!   When applied to marketing, […]

The siege of the Castle at Hochosterwitz

 Lateral thinking is about confidence and self-esteem. It’s about a mental freedom that we all have but that can only be truly tapped once we are aware of the biases that are inherent in the way our brain is wired. To really break free of the norm and create something new and different you initially […]

Lateral Leadership – Mahatma Gandhi

 What is Lateral thinking ? At it’s basic core, lateral thinking is nothing more than the ability of viewing challenges in a new light – this often leads to creative problem solving. In practise this means shedding your comfort zone and embracing an environment of challenges. For leaders and entrepreneurs , it means taking a […]

The Zen of Puzzles – Part 1

Why would anyone want to waste time solving puzzles ? Especially puzzles that have no relevance to their daily work-a-day life ? Isn’t life already ‘riddled’ with so many mundane problems, so why bother adding unnecessary problems to clutter up our mind spaces ?? The Zen master would reply, ” Because life is a puzzle. […]

The Peasant of St. Petersburgh

 The purpose of this blog is to share some stories that seek to provide evidence of how our brains are wired and how the need to ‘think differently’ or ‘laterally’ is an important exercise that makes new connections that lead to creative thinking. Creativity is not just coming up with something that is different, but […]