Lateral Marketing – Werner Kieser

 Lateral thinking is about challenging the accepted status quo of most industries, and instead of wasting your energy fighting for the biggest piece of the pie, you bake a pie of your own !!  The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition !!  

When applied to marketing, thinking laterally results in the creation and development of new customer groups. Usually customers that nobody in your industry has ever thought about. Customers to whom you can sell unique products and services in a unique way. It involves going beyond competition.  Edward deBono refers to it as Sur/petition. 

Keiser Training is a concept developed by Swiss national Werner Kieser. He wandered how new customer groups could be attracted to fitness studios, and identified and thought up a completely new concept, which he called health-oriented strength training, that targeted ‘back pain’ – which is one of the most widespread popular ailments that affects the ‘ over 40’ population in any country. 

Werner Kieser created a fitness studio that is lean, and practical. There are no juice bars, no sauna, no aerobics, no Pilates classes, no cardio equipment, no music, and no distractions. Just the customers and the machines that will build up supporting muscles.  Kieser created a target group that does not exist in the same form in any other studio. Eighty per cent of his customers have never been to a health club or a fitness studio of any type before. 

Kieser Training is a very successful company with over 100 centres worldwide. Their vision is simple. ” A strong back knows no pain. ” And thanks to his unique clientele, Kieser is hardly in completion with other studios. He has succeeded in establishing a temporary monopoly, by challenging the status quo and boldly going in a new direction. 

And that is what Lateral Marketing is all about. Escaping the ‘dominant idea’ of your market and creating a new market that is distinctly different from your competition. It actually boils down to creating a quasi-monopoly for yourself through ‘unconventional’ thinking.

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