The Children’s hospital and the missing Teddy Bears

 The young patients at a children’s hospital loved to play with the cuddly teddy bears so much that the children would take them home. 

This was causing an inconvenience to the hospital administration in that they would have to continually keep replacing the teddy bears, which was costly and also gave the impression that the teddy bears were free to be taken. It was also not an option to try to take the teddy bear from the child before or during his/her discharge from the hospital.

The hospital management discussed the problem and came up with a number of possible solutions, but the most effective one involved a simple adjustment to the appearance of the teddy bears. 

 Each bear was bandaged and made to look sick and injured. When the children were about to be discharged, the nurses explained that the teddy bears were still sick and needed to remain in hospital for treatment. The children were then happy to leave the teddy bears behind.

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