The Farmer and the Roughnecks

A farmer invested his life savings in a pond to farm and raise fish for sale. But after he stocked the pond, he discovered that he would soon run into a problem. A friend warned him that roughnecks from the nearby town were planning to sneak into the pond to bathe and swim.  The farmer knew that if this happened they would stir up the muddy bottom and kill off his fish. 

A few days later the farmer, carrying a pail, went down to the pond to check things out for himself, and sure enough, a bunch of people were getting ready to dive into the pond. They outnumbered the lone farmer and showed no signs of fearing him. In fact, they teased and taunted him and dared them to drive them off his pond. But he ignored them and simply reached in the pail and started tossing chunks of raw meat into the water……………

” What do you think you’re doing?” asked the trespassers.

” Nothing much,” replied the farmer. ” Just feeding the alligators !! “

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